Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stuffed Pretzels

I came across Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels in the freezer aisle of the Geagle (Giant Eagle) in Squirrel Hill. It's a short busride away from CMU campus.
"Chocolate Crumb" stuffed pretzel. My shopping buddy Christine decided to restrain herself but I went against my culturally instilled groupism tendencies and stood by the pretzel. I even put back some other junk to make junk space. And I think this was one of the best choices I've ever made in my life.

Chocolate is the best bet because it's chocolate. But there are a lot of different kinds including savory varieties. To name a few:
Sourdough Asiago
Apple Cinnamon
Mixed Berry Cobbler
Cream Cheese and Herb
Grilled Cheese
Cheddar Jalapeno
Spinach and Feta
They're not as big as the average soft pretzel so you can stop freaking out. If you have asian girl hands like mine, you can say the pretzel is a palm and a half in diameter.
You zap it in the microwave for about a minute and it becomes this soft, gooey thing you get to break up and consume slowly. But not too slow because it'll cool down. Plus finger licking.
The trick is though, to heat it up for just the right amount of time so that it becomes just hot enough but not overheated and tough. This a matter of whether to microwave it 55 seconds or 58.
Perfect for a college student with lazy mornings.
I often wake up and compulsively eat random things I don't really like and end up feeling unsatisfied to the ex-treme. "Should have showered and gotten that coconut chocolate cake donut at Entropy." That kind of thing.
Anyway. This is good. You're stupid if you pass it up.


monique said...

Kim & Scott's thanks you for your wonderful review! Kim is especially fond of the Chocolate Crumb pretzel. What's nice is that you can take it out of the "junk" category, as they are all natural and a good source of whole grains. How's that for a good excuse to eat chocolate?! Our blog is It's not everyday that someone realizes the importance of chocolate. :-)

Sera said...

Thank you, Monique!
I'm so excited to try the new Pumpkin Cheesecake pretzel. I'll be sure to review more flavors in the future.

joanh said...

welcome back.. you are totally making me jealous w/ your posts of non-Taiwan foods.. looking forward to seeing more and drooling.

mikan36 said...

this sounds yummy.

i think i'll it next time~ (if i'm lucky i'll remember to buy it when i'm AT geagle and not *after* i finish paying and get on the bus -_-;)