Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chocolate at Denny's

Motoyama Milk Bar

So Lisa and I booked a trip to Sapporo to see the winter snow festival and challenge my lactose intolerance with by chugging Hokkaido milk and other milky products. But that didn't pan out so well as it's impossible to find hotel rooms still open and because domestic travel in Japan is ridiculously expensive. So we decided to get our Hokkaido milk fix in tokyo. Roppongi hills, actually, only a few stops from school.

The interior is dainty and pink as appropo to anything Japanese. I thought the zebra patterned seats were a funny and ironic. There were also cow heads with different colored tongues sticking out. Surprisingly cute and not creepy.

This is their theme dessert plate. The cow roll cake with soft cream on the side.

This is their dessert plate with cake, pudding and iced cream.

I ordered the white day special that was supposed to have pink whitechocolate spots on the cake instead of their usual chocolate, but they had run out of the white day special cake. the staff was very apologetic and offered to replicate the same dish with their usual cake. frankly i didn't care too much because I had gone a month with no cake and felt this withdrawal that made me not want to complain. Everything was so milky and delicious. What made the plate so good was that they used crushed pistachios for garnish and on the side was this strawberry buried under a hillock of strawberry mousse and whipped cream. The mousse was so thick and marshmallowy and reminded me of a montblanc.

They also offer coffee and tea with Hokkaido milk. Too bad I take my coffee black.


104-0061 東京都中央区銀座5-9-18
Tel (030)3571-5351


added 2/11/09:

Two nights later Lisa and I ordered the Camembert cheese fondue pie. The picture on the flier looked so amazing and we were very excited, even if this wasn't one of their double decker pies. Camembert is my favorite type of cheese so I enjoyed my pizza but I have to say would forgo this fondue experience for more layers of cheese and bread. I'm also not a fan of the gridcut on a pizza pie which produces uneven slices and sad little triangular corners. Lisa actually split the middle piece in half in spirit of fairness but I thought that was kind of sad.


Lisa and i were spending our saturday getting over the events of friday, naturally waking up at 4pm, hungry. We decided to be adventurous and try dominos instead of pizzahut [note mild sarcasm]. Dominos pies which are about 3000円 is significantly more expensive than pizzahut, nearly double the price. Here's why.

This is the Garlic2 pizza, wth tomatoes, black olives, onions and slices of garlic (galic - win!).
The first thing I noticed was that when the deliveryboy handed me the pie, it was much heavier than pizza hut's.

Dominos is much more generous with the cheese to the point where the crust is nearly nonexistent because it is overwhemed by all the cheese. I say if it's not nypizza crust theres no reason why crust shouldn't scooch over for a little extra cheese. There are two layers of pizzabread between which there is a lovely layer of cheese which i'm guessing is camembert. It tastes and feels like a hybrid of mozarella and ricotta.

and it oozes!

The dominos menu doesn't have as interesting topping combos as pizzahut (such as their Korean pulkoki and their Clam chowder pies) but they do have a Waku waku pokemon set which features a pie of four different flavor combos. In any case the cheesy middle and the extra layer of carb action gives dominos impunity on this one. pizzahut has been totally pwned.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

MOS burger

added 2/8/09

kinpira rice burger
just wanted to note that mos japan's riceburgers are superior to mos tw's simply because the rice is still chewy and moist and does not fall apart during consumption as did the mos tw yakiniku rice burger. no hard feelings, though.


I can't really tell if the MOS burger in Japan is actually better than MOS burgers elsewhere.
I was also extremely hungry when I had this burger which they were promoting this month.

Tobikiri burger
I can always tell if I like a hamburger bun if it sticks to the roof of my mouth. This one passed the test. And I love how they use shredded cabbage instead of limp leaves of lettuce. The waitress told us to sit down with our numbers and took our orders to our table when they were ready.

Chili Dog and onion rings
Sorry I can't review these because I didn't actually eat it. But the foodporn is here and I reviews will come asap.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pasto La Paix

Just an elevator ride from the Ikebukuro station is a floor of restaurants which make it so that a dinner party takes about two laps around and at least half an hour to decide where to eat. I nudged for this place after seeing their Squid Ink Pasta display.

Salmon Pasta

The squid ink pasta came in double the portion as Lisa's salmon pasta but it was a much thinner spaghetti noodle. There was very little "sauce," just enough to moisten the noodle and the flavors were mostly infused inside. I prefer it to the much thicker, saucier squid ink pasta I had at Skylark in Taiwan. At the same time, the actual squid in this dish was chewy and pleasant but virtually tasteless. Skylark had used a delicious baby squid that had soaked more of the flavor from the ink than the pasta had--it was delicious, definitely the highlight. This leads me to be infinitely ambivalent and leave this one at a tie.

Seafood Penne was a little runny but looked delicious. It comes with a generous portion of seafood.


東京都 豊島区南池袋1-28-1

TEL (03)5992-8988

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweets One with Snoopy

edited 2/12/09:
don't bother with these and go to cafe crepe or anywhere else on Harajuku St.


There are so many crepes in Tokyo. Lisa and I got these for lunch while shopping in Harajuku.

Lovely Crepe and Choco Banana Crepe
The Lovely Crepe had chocolate cake bits and cheesecake in the center.


TEL( 03)3409-3341

Beard Papa's

Lisa and I went shopping in Shibuya and coming out of the station, we smelled something...

Having heard that beard papa's in Japan is infinitely superior to those in other countries, I refrained from trying them in Taiwan. And I have to agree that Beard Papa's in Taiwan never had this wafting smell effect as this one did.

They were promoting their Strawberry cream

"It tastes like a strawberry smoothie" is what Lisa said and I think this describes the cream puff really well. I actually don't like cream puffs (soz!) but this one made me very happy and I forgot about my aching feet for a minute or two.


TEL (03)5428-3560
無休 10:00~22:00

Denny's again

I'm just going to go ahead and make a label for Denny's because it's so close and we're bound to go here...too many times.

My commentary will also be short simply because there are too many dishes to talk about and because most are self explanatory.

This particular day we came just because we had filled out two point cards and were now ripe for a free dessert each. I have to say the surprise was a little disappointing because it happened to be a plate of ice cream. But all were better than most ice cream I've had so I've made my peace.

kiwi sorbet, strawberry sorbet, vanilla, blueberry, bitter caramel, and pumpkin (my favorite)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Denny's

Updated pics 1/25

Spaghetti and Meatsauce 680円

Caramel Vanilla Pancake 390円

Omurice 880円

Salad with smoked Spanish ham 380円

After the commute...

Strawberry Mini Parfait 390円

苺のミルフィーユガレット 580円
This was actually my second time ordering this but I forgot to take a picture the first time.

Jambalaya 580円

Sirloin Steak 1080円

Root vegetable salad 380円

Why is everything so good?

Sunday, January 18, 2009


There's a Denny's a few blocks down from our apt building but I'm sure they're scattered around Tokyo. Everything is decently priced and there's a big selection covering Western, Japanese, the usual breakfast lunch & dinner and seasonal desserts.

Above are the Pumpkin Milk Pudding Mini Parfait(390円) and Chocolate Mini Sundae(350円). Lisa liked the sundae enough to order it twice in a row. And I'm neither a fan of pudding nor one of parfaits but thoroughly enjoyed かぼちゃparfait. The pumpkin icecream has great flavor and texture. Sandier than the vanilla that sits below it but sandy in a good way.

This is the 400円 パパイヤ 
I have talked myself into thinking of it as a healthful investment.

Pizza Hut

Pizza hut is so much better in Asia--fact.
Lisa (current roommate and lover forevs) and I ordered two nights in a row. The Pizza Huts in Japan encourage online ordering which allows you to pick your pizza and add/subtract toppings (cool option). This first pizza was the Camembert sauce pizza with mushrooms and bacon. We made no subtractions despite my no red meat "thing" of 2009. I've been obsessed with Camembert cheese ever since watching Ebichu. But please don't ask about that.

Comes only in Medium at 1600円

The second night was clam chowder pizza with clam, broccoli, potato, and things that make it taste like clam chowder. I think I liked this even better.

M 1600円
Their estimated delivery time is 40 minutes but both times have been within that time-frame. They give you complimentary Oolong tea and a receipt even if you select "do not need receipt."
Since it seemed that lisa and I would continue to order I became a ピザハットクラブmember. Sweet.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Strawberry Scones

I had such a sticky time with these that I don't think I will bake scones again but here's your eyecandy. enjoy~