Saturday, February 7, 2009

Motoyama Milk Bar

So Lisa and I booked a trip to Sapporo to see the winter snow festival and challenge my lactose intolerance with by chugging Hokkaido milk and other milky products. But that didn't pan out so well as it's impossible to find hotel rooms still open and because domestic travel in Japan is ridiculously expensive. So we decided to get our Hokkaido milk fix in tokyo. Roppongi hills, actually, only a few stops from school.

The interior is dainty and pink as appropo to anything Japanese. I thought the zebra patterned seats were a funny and ironic. There were also cow heads with different colored tongues sticking out. Surprisingly cute and not creepy.

This is their theme dessert plate. The cow roll cake with soft cream on the side.

This is their dessert plate with cake, pudding and iced cream.

I ordered the white day special that was supposed to have pink whitechocolate spots on the cake instead of their usual chocolate, but they had run out of the white day special cake. the staff was very apologetic and offered to replicate the same dish with their usual cake. frankly i didn't care too much because I had gone a month with no cake and felt this withdrawal that made me not want to complain. Everything was so milky and delicious. What made the plate so good was that they used crushed pistachios for garnish and on the side was this strawberry buried under a hillock of strawberry mousse and whipped cream. The mousse was so thick and marshmallowy and reminded me of a montblanc.

They also offer coffee and tea with Hokkaido milk. Too bad I take my coffee black.


104-0061 東京都中央区銀座5-9-18
Tel (030)3571-5351

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Roger. said...

:O holy hell I wish one of these opened in Los Angeles or San Diego. I'd be all over it!

Sweet photos and review. (pun intended!)