Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Best individually wrapped mini-thing

Asia is obsessed with putting snacks into individual wrapping.
This makes it very easy to store, to transport and share among people during meetings or for handing out to children.
The grandfather of individually wrapped mini-things is the Chocopie which is basically a Korean marshmallow pie. It has actually grown over the years in size. Tangibly so and noticeably from 110 calories to around 155.

Market O is a newish line from ORION that produces high-end mini-pies and things if they can ever be considered so. The Market 'O' real Brownie is a big hit. But I found there is an even yummier Market O thing called 다쿠이즈 미 (daquase?) Its a fluffy sammich meringue cake which is double fluffy as a result of the fluffy cake and the fluffy meringue. These taste best at room temp, as the fluffiness factor is impeded by refrigeration.