Saturday, May 29, 2010

Best Konbini Ice-cream Cone

The best Ice-cream Cone you can get from a convenience store in Korea, folks:
Name: Shooting Star
Company: 빙그레
It tastes really fluffy and marshmallowy without feeling fluffy and marshmallowy, hence dense enough to feel like real stuff-- and the nerd-like toppings crackle ever so slightly with amylase application.
Runners up:
2. Pistachio Bravo cone- but only because I love pistachio and Bravo is a classic
3. 빵빠레 - this is a wafer cone (I love wafer cone soft serves)
4. 구구콘 - says "full-flavored" on the wrapping. It's fully peanutycaramel--> diet snickers turned ice-cream

ps: like my nails?


stephaniie said...

whats the comparison with 可愛多??

ps: i like your nails!!! did you do it yourself??

Sera said...

sadly this beats 可愛多 3:1.
Only if there was a 可愛多 in taro flavor...

Lisa said...

omg that looks delicious. Makes me miss the vanilla ice cream cone I'd get at the combini by TUJ House lol.