Saturday, May 29, 2010

Best Konbini Ice-cream Cone

The best Ice-cream Cone you can get from a convenience store in Korea, folks:
Name: Shooting Star
Company: 빙그레
It tastes really fluffy and marshmallowy without feeling fluffy and marshmallowy, hence dense enough to feel like real stuff-- and the nerd-like toppings crackle ever so slightly with amylase application.
Runners up:
2. Pistachio Bravo cone- but only because I love pistachio and Bravo is a classic
3. 빵빠레 - this is a wafer cone (I love wafer cone soft serves)
4. 구구콘 - says "full-flavored" on the wrapping. It's fully peanutycaramel--> diet snickers turned ice-cream

ps: like my nails?


I left the blog unattended mid-Japan life and skipped over all my eating done in Shanghai.
Current location is Seoul, Korea. I live by Soongsil Univ. Station, which is the poop colored green subway line, very close to Seoul University.

Being 100% Korean but 80% gastronomically un-Korean (although I could probably eat a bucket of Kimchi if left alone with it too long), I look for as many flour-products as possible to even out the newly imposed hike of rice into my diet. And... I went to Paris Baguette--how trendy and unpoetic of me.
Paris Baguette is common in the states where I grew up because there are far too many Koreans around. And I didn't like it for the same reason I didn't like Pink Berry. A hyped and branded pretty place for people who want to pay more for the same thing Dupan or Gateaux could offer.
But I went there because in Korea it's often cheaper than local bakeries and seems decidedly humble and small-operative because many chains are owned by husband and wife and they'll remember your face if you go often enough.

I'm addicted to the morning toast with fiber. It's just so good.
Best way to have it is freezing it thoroughly and then toasting it on high heat for a short time so that the top end is the slightest bit frozen and hard/chewy in the center.

I want to say I haven't found toast to challenge this fiberbaby but the Cranberry Toast at bread&co. is SO good. The bread&co. that sold me mine just opened-grandly in front of Bongcheon Station exit 6.
Sorry, too much writing!

Here are some other choice parisbaguette moments: croissant, garlic toast, sweet potato cream cheese(no pic) , sweet potato bun (no pic)

ps: I'm back~